Baby Girls’ Names Inspired by Remarkable Women in Tech

Baby Girls’ Names Inspired by Remarkable Women in Tech

In an industry that’s known to be dominated by men, there are some incredibly impressive women, making a name for themselves in technology.

Read on to discover 10 baby names, inspired by remarkable women in tech…


Baby Girls’ Names Inspired by Remarkable Women in Tech


Ginni – Ginni Rometty was ranked as the 10th most powerful women in tech in 2017. She joined IBM in 2013 as chairwoman, president and CEO, and was given the task of reversing the fortunes of the tech giant, which had been in decline for some time. Rometty has refocused the business, by making investments in data analytics and cloud computing.

Ginni has Indian roots and means ‘precious gold’ and in Latin means ‘maiden’.


Martha – Founder of, Martha Lane Fox is now one of the UK’s most powerful digital campaigners, after she was appointed to be the government’s Digital Inclusion Champion, and later entered the House of Lords as its youngest female member.

Martha is an Aramaic name meaning ‘lady’.


Belinda – As the founder of Little Miss Geek, Belinda Parmar is also the chief executive of Lady Geek, and is a leading campaigner to get more women into tech. In 2014 she was awarded an OBE for her services to women in technology.

Belinda is considered to be of Spanish and German origin, and translates to mean ‘pretty one’.


Juliana – Juliana Rotich is the director of Ushahidi, a non-for-profit company that develops free open-source software. Originally from Kenya, during her career Juliana has pioneered new web tools for crowdsourcing crisis information.

Juliana is a Latin name meaning ‘youthful’.


Dorcas – As a computer scientist, Dorcas Muthoni is behind some of the most widely-used online applications in Africa. Through her work, she has transformed both governments and societies across the continent. In 2008 she was awarded for her efforts towards fixing the gender imbalance in the tech industry.

Dorcas is a Greek name and translates to mean ‘Gazelle’.


Kathryn – As one of the stars of the UK’s tech industry, Kathryn Parsons is the founder of Decoded, a digital learning company. Kathryn made it her mission to make learning coding easy, and is said to be able to teach people with zero computing knowledge to build an app in just one day.

Kathryn is a Latin name and means ‘pure and clear.’


Safra – Safra Catz is ranked as the 18th most powerful woman in tech. She took the position of Co-CEO at Oracle in 2014, and now shares responsibilities for leading the strategy at one of the world’s largest tech firms.

Safara is an African name meaning ‘fire’.


Vanitha – As the chairman of IBM, Vanitha Narayan has played a pivotal role in the development of the machines and software created by this tech giant. Vanitha was also selected by the President as chairperson for the board of governors of the prestigious National Institute of Technology.

Vanitha is an Indian name meaning ‘graceful lady.’


Angela – Angela Ahrendts is the SVP for retail for Apple, and was the former CEO of Burberry, where she was responsible for both online sales channels and the bricks and mortar shops. Angela is currently the only woman on the company’s executive board.

Angela is a Latin name and means ‘messenger of Gods.’


Nicola – As the most powerful Facebook employee outside of the US, Nicola Mendelsohn is the company’s vice president for Europe, as well as the Middle East and Africa. She is considered to be the poster girl for working mothers.

Nicola is a Greek name and means ‘people’s victory.’


If you’re looking for a strong and powerful name for your baby girl, look no further than these inspiring women. To start to curate your list of baby names, and search thousands of other names, download the Namey app from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store today.

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